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Sweepstakes Wins 2008-2009

Recent Wins:
Prizes $100 and over are marked in Pink

Prizes $1000 and over are marked in Orange

** Prize not yet /never received

IWG- Instant Win Game
OLS- online sweepstakes

December 2009
Redken Hair Product Straightening Balm 1xOLS $15
Glamour.com monthly OLS- Chanel Lipstick $32
** Epicurious Bacardi Mixer Set- Margarita Pitcher/Glasses $25 1xOLS
O Magazine 1xOLS Neutrogena Moisturizer $20
Old Forrester Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses $20

November 2009
Family Fun Twitter Contest- 1x So Small Pets Set $21
Natural Light Summer Sweeps- 1xOLS Portable Grill/Cooler $180
Little Debbie Cupcakes IWG $3.50

October 2009
Coors Light Cold and Bold OLS 1x Silver Ipod Nano $150

July 2009
Trek Bikes IWG Water Bottle $8
TBS/Twix IWG bag of fun size twix $4

June 2009
Zagat membership IWG $5
Glamour/Aveeno 1xOLS straw hat $20
Disney UP! IWG Movie Cash $12
Cartoon Network Movie Cash $12

Family Dollar/General Mills IWG $100
Woman's Day- Asstd Books 1xOLS $76
Me Bath Papaya Nectar bath stuff from 365 Days of Beauty ols $28

Hershey IWG- Song DL $1
Access Hollywood- Confessions of Shopaholic DVD $20 1xOLS

May 2009
Hershey IWG- 2 song downloads IWG $2
Budweiser Ticket 2 Summer Bud Chair 1xOLS $12
Shell Gas Card 1xOLS $50

April 2009
Justice Gift Card $50

March 2009
Madberries.com Tocca Candle OLS $16

February 2009
Kraft- free product coupons $15
2 tickets to Universal Studios $100
Chevron GC 1xOLS $5
Fangoria- Blood Boobs and Beast DVD 1xOLS $20

January 2009
Harper Collins Fantasy Book Critic- Book and DVD Agincourt $30 1xOLS
Lucky Magazine- Maybelline Mascara $10 1xOLS

December 2008
Custom Couture footstool 1xOLS $100
Christian book.com set of 3 science fiction books 1xOLS $43
Sony/Premiere Radio Christmas DVD $20

November 2008
Lucky- Wet n Wild Soho Makeup Case w tons of makeup 1xOLS $56

October 2008
Best Mobile Tropic Thunder Movie Cash $24 1xOLS
Cool Miller Lite T-shirt $20 1xOLS

August 2008
2 Passes to Hamlet 2 1x OLS $16
Slip and Slide from Cargill Meat daily OLS $8
CDs from AT&T Blue Room Sweeps 1xOLS $95
Sirius Four tickets/meet & greet pases to concert $140
Gibson Joan Jett CD 1xOLS $19

July 2008
Nestle IWG- toy $6

June 2008
Rod's Cruel Girl Jeans 1x OLS $68.00

February 2008
Kidswb OLS Alex won an Eon toy $8
ESPN Man up for the Holidays JCPenney- Grand Prize Journey Diamond Pendant 1 Carat OLS $1676
Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD Season 5- $30
Let's Go Shopping Blog- Freedom Bracelet Silver/gold $135 1x OLS
Styleforfree Perlier Risarium Black Rice Face Cream 1xOLS $45

January 2008

Lauren won DVD and Hoodie from Ellegirl 1xOLS $64


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